Women's Empowerment

Similar to our child sponsorship program, BOHF supports homeless, abused, and/or single mothers in individualized, comprehensive ways. Our primary goal is to ensure their own physical safety, health, and financial well-being so that they are able to look after their children’s development and serve as a role model for them. We strive to equip mothers with the skills and resources to become financially independent, financially stable, self-confident, and without further need of our assistance. Our support includes, but is not limited to:

  • Providing vocational and entrepreneurial training for the unemployed and underemployed
  • Providing start-up capital and materials, usually via soft loans, for opening businesses
  • Providing registration fees for health insurance
  • Providing pregnant  mothers with access to adequate prenatal care
  • Providing new mothers with access to adequate postnatal care
  • Providing new mothers with access to adequate postnatal care
  • Providing additional fees for necessary medical care (hospital visits, clinic visits, prescriptions)
  • Providing access to safe shelter for those who are homeless or subject to abuse, including rent assistance
  • Providing advocacy and assistance in seeking legal help for abuse or other matters

Like our child sponsorship program, BOHF staff and volunteers identify women in need, evaluate their specific circumstances, and nominate them for support from our organization. Our Board of Directors determines each woman’s eligibility, arranges support for them on a case by case basis, and monitors their progress.

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