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We’re excited that you would like to volunteer with us!


Our volunteers are a huge and highly valued part of our organization. We continually benefit from our volunteers’ skills, ideas, and time. Volunteering for us is also an excellent opportunity to further develop and expand some of your own skills sets, while gaining valuable professional experience and making a positive impact on the world. The most important beneficiaries of our volunteers’ work, however, are the children, families, and communities we serve. We are able to maximize our impact when more minds, hands, and hearts are in action.


If you are an individual who currently resides in Ghana or will soon be traveling to Ghana for a long-term stay, we recommend that you fill out and submit our Individual Volunteer Application Form. Whether you are interested in working with us on a regular basis, or only sporadically, by filling out the form, you can share with us your skills, interests, and availability. Once we receive your application form, we will work directly with you to find the kinds of volunteer opportunities that work best for you.


If you are an individual who will be traveling to Ghana for a short-term visit but would like to volunteer for us while here, we recommend that you contact us directly. We will work directly with you to see if there is a good opportunity available.

If you are a business, a religious organization, a social or recreational club, a school organization, or any other kind of organization, we recommend that you contact us directly to find appropriate opportunities for you. We are currently planning out our group volunteering options, and will have a more formal application process established soon.

We are currently working on our group volunteering options. Stay tuned, we will have more information here soon.

Until then, please contact us directly with any questions or ideas.