BOHF employees Richardson Dzameshie (left) and Samuel Halm (right).

We Are Beacon of Hope Foundation

Collaborative and Community Driven

At the core of BOHF’s organizational structure is a strong conviction in the power of community and collaboration. We believe that the most efficient and effective way to carry out our mission is through productive working relationships with a wide variety of individuals and organizations.


From the very beginning, we sought counsel and solicited ideas from a diverse range of individuals based both in and outside of  Ghana: businesspersons, lawyers, social workers, educators, financial mangers, religious leaders, and military personnel, among others. And as we proceed, we continue to do so. We know that we can do our best work when we consider the perspectives and advice from a wide range of leaders and professionals; their expertise is of immeasurable value. It is under such guidance that we have established our current organization structure, designed our programs, and devised plans to help our organization grow.

Our Organization Structure


We are committed to good organizational governance and financial transparency. Thus, some of our first steps in forming BOHF included establishing a Board of Directors to oversee our operations. Board members were vetted and intentionally selected according to several qualifications: relevant and diverse educational backgrounds and professional experience, personal integrity, and commitment to BOHF’s goals. Together, Board members develop BOHF programs, evaluate program priorities, and direct the organizations’s allocation of funds. The BOHF Board of Directors ensures that BOHF receives legal counsel and undergoes regular financial audits from an outside, accredited accounting agency.


We recognize the benefits of teamwork. Thus, some of the most important people in our organization are our skilled employees who work together as a team to bring the BOHF mission to life. Driven with enthusiasm for our organization’s goals, our employees implement BOHF programs and carry out our day to day operations.


Like our employees, another key group who brings the BOHF mission to life are our volunteers. We are grateful for their dedication in assisting us with our programs and day to day operations, and by doing so, extending BOHF’s presence throughout Ghana and positively impacting the communities in which they work.


For those who do not have time to volunteer regularly but wish to be a part of our organization, we also offer several membership options. BOHF members–whether individuals, households, local businesses, or other organizations–support program initiatives through financial contributions while gaining special privileges in BOHF programming.


We would not be able to accomplish our goals without support from our donors or those who serve as long-term child sponsors. Whether based here in Ghana or overseas, BOHF is especially grateful for our sponsors and donors.


NATIONAL GOVERNMENT: BOHF operates under a national social work permit. Additionally, it is currently undergoing registration through the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection to become nationally recognized as an organization dedicated to helping Ghana achieve its educational and social welfare goals. BOHF is also in frequent contact with members of the Department of Social Welfare & Community Development, a subsidiary department of the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, to arrange collaborative community projects.

LOCAL SPECIALISTS: When BOHF needs to work through particular challenges or tasks, it turns to local specialists to help get the job done. BOHF not only enjoys the benefits we gain from consultations and contracted projects, but also enjoys being able to support individuals and businesses based here in Ghana through our patronage. We feel that employing local individuals and businesses is another way that we can work toward our mission for preparing Ghana’s youth for bright, financially stable futures. In addition to providing programs for youth, we are investing in our local economy.

LOCAL NGOs: Ghana is home to numerous NGOs, many of which have shared interests and overlapping goals with BOHF. Whether mutually hosting a one-time event, or establishing long-term partnerships, BOHF actively seeks and enjoys opportunities to work together with other organizations.

LOCAL LEADERS: BOHF recognizes that some of the best ways to gain familiarity with the communities in which we work is through relationships with local assemblymen and assemblywomen, chiefs and queen mothers, religious leaders, and other community leaders. We actively communicate with local leaders in order to better understand each community’s social dynamics, challenges, and resources so that we can devise the best strategies for serving them as possible.

LOCAL RESIDENTS: Much like valuing the conversations we have with local leaders, BOHF also values the perspectives of the residents of the communities in which we work. We recognize that we will be best equipped to serve these communities in productive ways if we take the time to understand their residents–their needs, their experiences, their circumstances, their goals, their skills, etc.,–and build trust and rapport.

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