We are Beacon of Hope Foundation

Our Vision

  • Create a world where every child can develop their capabilities and maximize their potential
  • Create a world where women are empowered to ensure their own physical safety, health, and financial well-being.

Our Mission

  • Rescue children from homelessness, abuse, child labor, and to prepare them for bright and financially stable future.
  • Equip mothers with the skills and resources to become financially independent and increase their self confidence

About Us

Beacon of Hope Foundation (BOHF) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit, non-governmental organization formed, founded, and led by individuals who are driven by the belief that every child’s life is important. And when we say every child, we mean every child, no matter their zip code, gender, social class, nationality, ethnicity, or religion. BOHF believes that every child has unique interests and capabilities, and that every child deserves sufficient opportunities to maximize their potential. BOHF recognizes, however, the critical importance of a safe home environment (including food, shelter, emotional support, healthcare) and access to a good education in nurturing a child’s growth and potential.


In Africa (Ghana), many children are born into poverty and do not have access to these key dimensions of healthy childhood development. Many are homeless, many are subject to a wide range of abuses, and instead of attending school, many spend their days hawking items on city streets in effort to contribute to their family’s meager income. More than robbing children from opportunities to realize their full potential, these circumstances expose children to dangerous conditions and perpetuate devastating cycles of poverty; they inhibit healthy childhood development and constrain children’s future economic prospects.


BOHF was thus formed as a response to this crisis. Our immediate goal is to alleviate the destructive impact of poverty on children’s lives in developing countries (Africa) by removing them–one child at a time–from the streets and providing them with long-term support for healthy development through our individualized, comprehensive child sponsorship program. Additionally, we complement our child sponsorship program with community development initiatives that equip communities with knowledge, special skills sets, and other resources helpful for raising children in developing countries today. Together, our programs rescue children from danger and in turn, provide them with opportunities to learn, grow, cultivate their interests, and prepare them to enter adulthood with a sense of self-worth, self-confidence, and the skills necessary to lead financially stable lives of integrity and purpose.

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