The Feed the Hungry Project

Collaboration in Action

The Treasure of Life Foundation (TLF) is a faith-based NGO that, like Beacon of Hope Foundation, works on community development in Ghana. In 2016, BOHF joined forces with TLF to collaborate with one of its own community development initiatives, the Feed the Hungry Project. Visiting a different neighborhood each month, this project featured a monthly meal event for children in some of Greater Accra’s poorest, and most hungry communities. The event allowed parents to relax and take a brief break from the time and money required to cook for the day, while supplying them and their children with a wholesome, delicious meal along with entertainment, community building activities, and public education services. Additionally, speaking with meal attendees gave BOHF and TLF staff and volunteers a chance to better understand each community’s specific needs, and identify ways that their own organizations can work toward meeting those needs.

Below: BOHF and TLF serving food at a Feed The Hungry event in 2016.

Above: children enjoying their meal at a Feed the Hungry event in 2016.

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