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Child Sponsorship

Individualized, Comprehensive Care

Child sponsorship is BOHF’s highest priority and largest programmatic component. We know that every child’s life matters and that every child has special talents, capabilities, and interests. Our organization exists to ensure that poverty, and its related social ills, will not prevent children in Ghana from realizing their full potential. We, as an organization, are best equipped to achieve these goals by removing children–one at a time–from the streets and providing them with long-term support for healthy development through an individualized, comprehensive child sponsorship program. Our sponsorship program first rescues children from danger and provides for their immediate needs, but additionally, offers them continual opportunities to learn, grow, cultivate their interests, and enter adulthood with a sense of self-worth, self-confidence, and the skills necessary to lead financially stable lives of integrity and purpose.

Community Development

Communities have the capacity to be immensely positive sources of support for children by way of providing mentors and role models, offering opportunities to develop talents and venues for recreation, and being home to people who will look out for children’s safety and well-being. But communities also have the capacity to be harmful and dangerous. Thus, we strive to equip communities with the knowledge, skills, and resources to provide children with a healthy, constructive environment. We do so through a variety of initiatives specific to each community’s needs.

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